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Healthcare Industry Strategic Initiatives

Case Study: AHA Most Wired Award Achieved

Managed application process that resulted in a community hospital achieving AHA Most Wired Award two years running (2015 & 2016)

Case Study: HIMSS EMRAN Stage 6 Achieved for 50+ Providers

Managed application and site survey process to achieve Stage 6 for a multi-specialty clinic with 50+ individual providers (2015)

Case Study: Community Hospital Achieves HIMSS EMRAN Stage 6

Managed application and site survey process to achieve Stage 6 for a 120 bed community hospital (2015)

Case Study: Cerner Soarian Hospital Transitions to EPIC

Supported legacy system applications with an outsourced team of Soarian product experts in EDM, Soarian Clinicals, Soarian Financials & Soarian RX / MAK Application outsourcing included all security access, interfaces, custom reporting, physician support, and break/fix

Case Study: Two New For Profit Hospitals Opened in Texas

Provided comprehensive program management, infrastructure deployment, and electronic health record implementation to two new construction Texas hospitals 

Case Study: Midwest Community Hospital launches Chronic Disease Management Medicare Program

Provided resources to design technology solution to fit local staffing model and insure clinical documentation by a diverse ancillary services team representing services would support monthly program billing to Medicare

Case Study: Genomics Company Faced Challenges with Traditional Scheduling and Documentation Systems

Provided insights regarding use of third party software fit and outlined go-forward recommendations