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In the Spotlight – Soarian Clinical Application Suite Expert


Dee Ann expertly marries her clinical and computer knowledge to help organizations bring the two worlds together in a manner that produces positive. She intimately understands the ins-and-outs of nursing and their interaction with other clinical departments and processes. With this knowledge she has been instrumental in suggesting various ways IT can facilitate seamless, comfortable and logical solutions for the care team. She has broad knowledge of many applications and is comfortable working across the Soarian Clinical and Financial suite of applications as well as many of the ancillary systems needed for hospital operations.

Dee Ann DorseyMost Amazing thing lately…

“… nine month implementation of the full suite of Soarian products and all other ancillary applications needed to operate a newly constructed hospital. This project included not only system configuration and training but also definition of operational processes beyond IT…”

Expert in:

Soarian Clinicals

  • Security, HCU Structure
  • Preferences
  • Service Catalog Build and Maintenance
  • Order Set Build and Maintenance
  • Clinical Documentation Design and Build
  • Emergency Department Configuration
  • Inter-Disciplinary Care Plans
  • Clinical Summary Design and Build
  • Patient Record Design and Build
  • SIEV Monitoring

Integrated Products

  • Soarian Financials
  • Patient Access
  • Scheduling
  • EDM
  • Pharmacy/MAK
  • Medication Administration
  • SIS
  • LIS
  • 3M Transcription
  • Critical Care