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How MyConsultQ Works

Connecting Healthcare Organizations to Top, On Demand Professionals

MyConsultQ is an On demand resourcing service aimed at healthcare industry organizations that wish to benefit from the skills of freelance consultants without compromising on financial and management efficiency or on quality of service. We are not a recruiter or a consulting firm. Instead, we are a community of elite executives, managers, clinicians, physicians, and technologists coming together to meet resourcing needs.

The world's leading healthcare companies come to MyConsultQ to fill resource shortfalls because our community is a one-stop shop for top talent covering the entire spectrum of skills related to the healthcare industry. We use data, technology, and project management experts to always find the perfect match between organization and consultant.

How It Works

Are you an employer with a temporary or long-term shortfall in resources? Our exclusive community of professionals offers the same level of expertise as the top consulting firms at a fraction of the cost. A MyConsultQ project manager works closely with you to understand your needs, present you with profiles of experts within our community, and match you with the most qualified professional.

Once a candidate is selected and work is underway, the project manager monitors their progress to ensure the organization and consultant jointly achieves success. We manage all of the contracts and jobs currently underway on your account, evaluating and assisting until completion.

Are you a consultant with valuable skills to serve organizations involved in healthcare delivery and the surrounding industry? If so, you can:

Apply to join our community of elite professionals.

Build your profile and leverage the career marketing power of the MyConsultQ Marketplace.

Unlock tremendous opportunities for referral based Income with every hour billed with a company or independent consultant you refer.

Achieve lifestyle-oriented work hours and greater flexibility.

Become a part of a larger group without giving up your independence or being weighed down by the high fees of a traditional firm.

Use independent consultant web based and regional educational opportunities offered by MyConsultQ to grow knowledge and skills.

MyConsultQ uses technology to break down the barriers between organizations and resources. We also provide the personal touch of experienced project managers who understand the needs and goals of freelance professionals and organizations.

Learn more about CEO and Founder Becky Quammen's experience in the healthcare industry and her vision for the future of consulting.

To learn more about how MyConsultQ can serve you or your organization, fill out our online contact form today!