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Healthcare Leadership

Case Study: Analysis of Patient Accounts Receivable Data Results in Identification of Workflow Opportunities

Supported Chief Financial Officer in comprehensive evaluation of Accounts Receivable resulting in identification of areas requiring improvement

Case Study: Interim Vice President of Information Systems Stabilizes Operations

Placed an interim VP for IS in a southeast county Hospital for 18 months

Case Study: Interim CIO at Upstate New York Hospital Supports Organizational Transformation for 12 Months 

Supported Electronic Health Record Deployment with an interim CIO following vacancy created during the electronic record implementation project

Case Study: Interim Expert Supports Long Term Business Initiatives 

Placed interim CIO at Midwest 3 hospital system for 3 years

Case Study: Joining the C-Suite at a Major University Hospital

Restructuring Information Systems department and strategic initiatives under an 18 month contract for this DC hospital

Case Study: Can't Afford a Full-Time Chief Medical Information Officer?

MyConsultQ has a successful history providing interim CMIO support to multiple Electronic Health Record project design and go-live initiatives

Case Study:  Creating Use of Interim Leadership Helps Organization Achieve Goals

Vice President Information Systems for 18 months at 7 hospital IDN in Florida rolls out comprehensive electronic health record solution to all faciliaties in record time by providing the focus a project of this magnitude requires