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Traditional Healthcare Consulting Is Broken. We're Here to Fix It.

In numerous other industries, the rise of the freelance, on demand, gig economy has empowered independent contractors and forever changed the way resources are found and services are delivered. We're not a traditional consulting firm or recruiting service. We're bringing the gig economy revolution to the healthcare industry.

Many healthcare organizations face challenges finding expert resources to meet consultative, temporary or long term staffing requirements.  Become a member of our community ---- you’ll quickly discover a more streamlined and highly effective means to getting the talent you need in place.

Bringing Organizations and Resources Together

The MyConsultQ online marketplace breaks down the barriers that the big consulting firms have built between organizations and consultants. By cutting out the high fees, complex coordination, and time consuming hiring processes, we are making it easier for organizations and resources to come together to meet needs and advance each other's goals. MyConsultQ provides flexibility, efficiency, turnaround, and accountability that traditional consulting firms cannot match.

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Becoming a part of our thriving community of organizations, executives, clinicians, physicians, technologists, and other healthcare experts is just a click away. Join today to get in on the new revolution in healthcare consulting. To learn more about how we bring organizations and resources together to meet a variety of resourcing needs, contact us today!

Executive Bio

Becky Quammen, DBA, MBA

MyConsultQ CEO and Founder, Becky Quammen, is a health care industry veteran recognized as an advocate for transforming health care organizations with innovative information management, organizational, and strategic business solutions. With MyConsultQ, Becky aims to give healthcare organizations access to the resources they need to meet the rapidly escalating and diverse demands presented by consumers, technology, regulators, and payers.

Traditional healthcare consulting has built barriers between organizations and resources. The MyConsultQ community brings the industry's top project managers, clinicians, technologists, executives, clinical professionals, and project managers together with companies to meet consultative, short or long-term resourcing needs.

In a 25-year healthcare career that includes executive management positions at large providers, leading health care consulting practices, and the nation's largest health care software vendor, Becky has gained a deep understanding of the needs of organizations in this rapidly evolving industry. Her vision for solving problems and transforming healthcare organizations is the guiding force behind MyConsultQ. Aligned with an all-star team of highly accomplished and knowledgeable health care industry veterans, MyConsultQ promotes revolutionary and cataclysmic change that is essential to survival and prosperity in today's health care climate.

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